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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Voter's Washington Angst driving Trump, Carson numbers

Fred Weinberg's Penny Press this week will explain the angst among the voters as the reason why The Donald is leading the way in Repubican polling.  In short:  They're pissed off at the Washington Establishment.  I still wanna see Donald/Bernie.  And if not, then either Ben Carson or Carly would be fine with me.  Now if we could get like-minded, non Washington Elite Senators and Representatives then we would see true change in Washington.

Washington Hacks Can't and Won't Understand Average Voter's Anger

OK, it’s time to look at what has been happening in the GOP Presidential field without any longer being surprised or upset at the huge national lead that Donald Trump is racking up.

Why do a lot of GOP voters like Trump?

Simply put, they are tired of being screwed and ignored by the professional politicians they have sent to Washington to do some very simple things which have not been done. They may not even agree with some of Trump’s positions, but they understand that Trump didn’t get where he is by being dogmatic and incompetent.  Like those professional politicians they have voted for in the past—who are only slightly more competent and less dogmatic than the nation’s putz-in-chief.

Trump has two skillsets which people appreciate.  He says what he thinks as opposed to what the Karl Roves and David Axelrods of the world tell him to say.  And he is pragmatic. He solves problems as opposed to wringing his hands.

You don’t make the kind of money he has assembled by accident. To grow a few million dollar real estate empire inherited from his father to a $10-billion net worth takes pragmatic negotiating, decision making and problem solving.  Those are the skills we should demand in a President as opposed to the ideological and petulant bloviating of a one term Senator.

And when people ask if Trump can do the job you ought to ask, “as opposed to what?”

We’ve tried the Washington Hackocracy—of both parties—and it’s not like that worked real well.

The truth is that government probably cannot be run as a business. A business must make a profit, whereas that is not what a government should do.

But a government CAN be run in a businesslike manner by business people.

As an example, look at what happens when government designs a web site.  They usually don’t work.  My guess is that in a Trump administration, as web site like would have worked immediately upon going live because, unlike the current schmendrick in the office, Trump would have made sure of it.

I don’t believe for a minute that Donald Trump is incapable of doing the job.

In order to do the job, however, he must first win the nomination and then win the election.

Can he?

The answer, in a word, is yes.  He’s self funding and he’s done a great job of distancing himself from the Washington hacks and that, alone, could keep him in front for a long time.

As other candidates in the field drop out of the race, the big question is will Trump be able to aggregate their supporters?  If he can add that support to his already impressive lead, than, yes.  As Pat Buchanan said a month ago on Meet the Press, “Now look, Trump is ranked number one … in the Sweet 16. I think he gets into the final four.  And if he maintains these polls, he’s going to be in the finals.”

Not only did he maintain the polls in the past month, he’s grown his lead and the people behind him today and Ben Carson and the Carly Fiorina are insulating him from the rest of the professional politician set.

There have never been three non-politicians in any Presidential race who have done as well in the aggregate as these folks.

If, by now, you don’t think the challenge to the Washington establishment is real, you need to spend more time in flyover country coffee shops and diners.

Listen to what is being said and then look at Trump through the lens of the average voter. The Club for Growth—which just took its best shot against Trump on TV—and Bobby Jindal—who is barely showing up in the polls—are NOT average voters.
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