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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Liars figure.....

It's funny how people like to play fast and loose with the facts.

I heard from a person I consider a reputable source this morning that I had been FIRED from KELY when I left the station's employ last year.

I wasn't fired.  I quit.

Don't believe me?  Look at the piece that I wrote last year about my public statement about the format change.  Look at what I wrote following my resignation to clarify misinformation about my departure at the time.  If need be, I will publish my entire resignation letter on this blog.  At this point, what have I got to lose?

I came in to KELY to take the radio station, make it important to the community, and apart from a paycheck, received zero support in the things that were important.  Zero.

Now this town is without a voice.  For now.  The FCC on Friday made some moves toward a Low Power FM Service that could be wonderful.  Just need a board and some money.

Let's talk.  Seriously.