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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Primary candidates I recommend

Since the Swamp Rats are out there telling Republicans which Establishment Elitists to vote for, I figured I should tell you which candidates are reasonable and truly Conservative.

For Nevada Governor the choice is easy.  Dan Schwartz knows his stuff.  The former State Treasurer has done a great job in getting our economic house in order.  As a businessman he knows what our state's businesses need. And Dan is not in the pocket of the elitists like another big name is.

For Lieutenant Governor it's another easy call.  Scott LaFata is a solidly grounded Conservative Republican who, unlike his Establishment opponent, opposes the largest tax increase in history that his opponent pushed through the legislature.

For United States Senate I find a lot of good things in what Sarah Gazala says not only on her website, but what she said when I interviewed her.  It's not often that a candidate talks to me with such courage and conviction that I decide that they deserve my vote.  Sarah did just that.

In Congressional District 4 we don't need to put back into office a Never Trumper who is insulting to disabled children.  There are several good candidates but I have to give the nod to Jeff Miller, who is running probably the best totally grass roots campaign out there.  Jeff is a solid Conservative and Second Amendment supporter that deserves your vote

In Congressional District 2, I have no issue with Mark Amodei but Sharron Angle has been a solid Conservative for a very long time and fought for this state.  I believe in Sharron, but either candidate is a solid choice.

For Attorney General, your mailbox has been filled with junk mail from a candidate who is desperate for your vote, but for me it was an easy vote for Craig Mueller,  We need a veteran in this office who understands the law and is willing to do what is necessary to re-establish our state's sovereignty.

Unlike Thomas Mitchell, Sherm Fredericks, the NRA or other Swampsters, these six are solid Conservatives who not only support our president 100%, they are not beholding to special interests.   And unlike others, I give you links to these candidate's websites so you can see why I support them.

Most importantly, get out and vote now.

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