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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

and yes, I SIGNED this post!

     Everyone has the right to their opinion.

But like our Founding Fathers, they have the responsibility to stand up for them by signing their name to them, rather than hiding behind the safe anonymity of the Interwebs.

And no, I'm not going to roll out their novel of a domain name. (Our late CEO Fred Weinberg would always buy those long web domains like dontcaliforniaournevada or other similar page names taking shots at Harry Reid and Dean Heller. That's why my Classic Radio web page that wasn't available as a dot com I ended up making it a dot stream. Easier to remember. Marketing is part of what information distribution is about. Remembering TheWhitePineCountyCommissionIsABunchOfCrooks dot cam may be cute and accurate, but only accomplishes the purpose of being a vanity project. No one will remember it, much less visit it.

Now, to the meat of the story.

All my web pages - personal - station - podcast/radio show - all identify ME as the author. Like the authors of the Constitution, I sign my name to them. Every day on the radio I sign my name to what I say. (And don't think I'm taking up for the commission. Why do you think the White Pine County Commission Theme Song is Fleetwood Mac's Little Lies?) To me and others, anonymous opinions hold little weight. When you sign your name to them, it matters. I've taken the heat, our stations have taken the heat (why do you think that Bath Lumber and FNB Ely refuse to advertise?) and I take something that YOU demand of Government. Ethical Accountability. It's something people USED to be taught in school and too many people are NOT taught today, but hide behind the anonymity of the Internet - or the Interwebs...

I'm Wyatt Cox, and I approve this message...

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