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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Screw the caucuses, bring back Primaries!

First, to set the record straight, I am not affiliated with either major political party, or any existant party, for that matter.
If anything, I'm right there with the old pre-Buchanan Reform Party.  Fiscally Conservative and Socially Libertarian.  Once Pat Buchanan got involved, it became Neocon City....
But to the main reason for this rant -- the Nevada GOP Caucuses.
In a word, I hate Caucuses.  It disenfranchises the electorate.
According to Secretary of State Ross Miller, there are 471 thousand registered Republicans in the state of Nevada.
On Saturday, just 30 thousand turned out for the caucuses.  That's roughly 6 1/3 percent of registered voters.
Many were turned away because they weren't at the caucus sites at the appointed starting time of 9am.  If you were held up in traffic, your sitter was late, or just couldn't get there by 9:00, turn around and go home, because you're not getting in.
Second, the balloting process is just as ridiculous. You mean to tell me that it took a day and a half to figure out what CNN had computed thirty seconds after the polls closed?
Let me tell the Nevada GOP Central Committee something.  Here in Ely the city wraps up elections before the 11pm news.  The city, with all it's flaws, can count 1000 to 1500 multi-race ballots (3-5 offices) in under three hours.
You had ONE RACE, and it took you longer than a day to figure it out?  I would have assumed that you would have separated each precinct, had them counted at the precinct level, and spot checked your deputies.
But no.  In a minor Twitter war between Las Vegas political activist Sally Minster who was counting ballots and LVRJ Communist Columnist Steve Sebelius, the frustrations was evident.
But in the final analysis, the caucuses don't matter.  Because the fix is in.
No matter how many primaries Ron Paul or Rick Santorum win, they will not be the nominee.  The Neocons in charge of the Republican party  just don't want a return to Constitutional gubmint.
And since it's Mitt Romney's "turn", and now with Newt wanting his "turn", the people who could possibly make real reform get squeezed out again.
...and once again, no real change.

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