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Monday, March 18, 2013

Handfasting - Religious Ritual or Alimony Fraud?

When you get close to a breakthrough, and your friends and family send the positive energies to make such an event happen, you know that Lucifer just hates that and has to muck around with you.

So after I thought we had an absolute victory in my quest to give Cheryl the biggest, best wedding I could, Old Beelzebub throws us a curve.

Did you know that a Wiccan Handfasting is a wedding, but isn't a wedding? To be honest, I didn't know what a Handfasting was! And I considered myself fairly knowledgeable of Wicca and the earth religions.

It seems that my ex-wife and her boyfriend were Handfasted. Now, they consider that a wedding. The state of Nevada doesn't. By getting married in this fashion, my ex gets to continue collecting Spousal Support, even if she's “married to (her) best friend”.

Now, I have no problem with people of any religion practicing the rituals and rites of their religion. But Handfasting seems to be an avoidance of responsibility. It also seems to be a perfect way to avoid having to give up Spousal Support. Some might even call the practice Fraud.

I know we have some political types in Washington and Carson City that read our blogs. Maybe they could weigh in and tell me whether this is legitimate or fraud and abuse.

Blessed be!

Addendum:  I discovered an article by an Archpriest of the Wiccan Aquarian Tabernacle Church who calls into question the practice of Handfasting as a possible criminal act or its use as creating a possible criminal fraud.  Read the Article Here:

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