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Monday, June 8, 2015

Fun facts for the Chattering Class

*   This blog is not new.  It has been in existence before White Pine News was.  It's roots, in fact, go back to 2005 when I began writing for Fred Weinberg's Penny Press.  The first six years are lost to Go Daddy as their platform didn't allow exporting and given that most of it was contained in past issues of the Penny Press, I didn't bother.  (Note: I was hesitant to mention the Penny Press, since the last time it was mentioned, Fred got 37 signups for his e-blast, none of them were ever opened, and one person reported it as spam, despite their signing up for it and confirming it via email.  Go figure.)

*   Since people want to get into a CV-waving contest...

Education:  BA - Washburn University, Topeka, KS
1974-1976 - KMUW, Wichita, Kansas - Filed a number of national interest stories with NPR while here
1976-1978 - KUDL AM/FM, Kansas City
(Yes, I did work with Rush Limbaugh when he was known as Jeff Christy here) (I also worked with Mutual Radio Networks in covering the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas City)
1978-1979 - KMUW, Wichita, Kansas - News Anchor
1979 - KNIC, Winfield, Kansas
Morning News - Afternoon Disk Jockey
1979-1980 - KDRB-FM, Derby, Kansas
News and Public Affairs Director
1980 - KICS, Hastings, Nebraska
News Director - filed stories with AP, UPI, CBS, KFWB on the 1980 Grand Island Tornado outbreak
1980 - 1982 - Metro Traffic, Dallas, Texas
Traffic Reporter
1982 - 1984 - KXVI, Plano, Texas
News Director
1984- 1989 - Free lancing and writing for Kansas City suburban newspapers about the local radio industry while handling the settlement of my parent's estate.
1989-1990 - WZEP, DeFuniak Springs, Florida
General Manager, News and Talk Show Host
1990-1991 - KSPG, El Dorado, Kansas
General Manager, News, and Talk Show Host
1991-1992 - Sun Radio Network, Tampa, Florida
Affiliate Relations and Talk Show Host (Afternoon drive news show on 45 radio stations)
1992-1993 - WTKN, Daleville, Alabama
General Manager, News, and Talk Show Host
1993-1996 - People's Radio Network, White Springs, Florida
Affiliate Relations, News, and Talk Show Host (Morning news show on 200 stations, Saturday news show on 210 stations)
1996-1997 - KRLV, Las Vegas, Nevada and KTOX, Needles, California
Operations Manager and Morning Host
1997-1998 - F&P Radio, Las Vegas, Nevada
Producer in charge of The Pat Choate Show
1998-1999 - KRLV, Las Vegas, Nevada
Operations Manager
2000-2012 - American Sunrise Radio - Morning News show on 25 stations 
2008-2011 - KELY Radio - General Manager and News Anchor
2011 - 2015 - - Publisher
*   Much has been made of my references to the "Mail Order Bride" industry story I was working on when I met my now-wife.  I never finished the story, but I should have.

The bottom line of the story was to be that much of what purports to be "Find your Foreign Bride" on the internet is not human trafficking, but a scam to remove money from men's pockets.  For on those sites (Including one well-advertised on ESPN!) you can spend hundreds of dollars a month corresponding with someone who doesn't even exist, except to milk money out of the users, while the "potential brides" were paid to chat with users and to pretend they are looking for their "special someone".  And by the time you get around to filling out the IMBRA paperwork to be able to directly contact someone, the person suddenly disappears.

Oh, yes, in case you didn't pay attention when I was bringing my bride here, you can't just bring them here.  There's a huge process that you have to go through to bring someone from overseas to this country, including full background checks, an Embassy Interview, paperwork, and large amounts of money.  God, friends, and lots of hard work provided so that I could bring her here.

The REAL scam that results in Human Trafficking more than the "Mail Order Bride" industry exists in the phony employment agencies and talent agencies that offer these people jobs in foreign countries or jobs in shows in Dubai or other Middle Eastern countries.

There is another scam that I will briefly mention, and that is overseas when some "innocent" female lines up an American, then gets to the US and immediately files for asylum under the Violence Against Women Act.  While this is an important law, it also can be a free ride for a green card for some unscrupulous people.  This message board is full of stories about this abuse.  Thank God that I did my homework and found out all about my wife and her background BEFORE we were married.

*   The real issue here is that I am PROUD of my wife.  Prouder than many others are about their spouses.  She adapted to a climate much different than the tropical Philippines, working through adjustments, homesickness, and loneliness.  She now has friends, stays connected to family, and mostly enjoys life.  She is frustrated with the attacks on how we came to be together, but shrugs it off.  She knows the real evils here, of racism (foreigners taking American jobs) and jealousy.  To quote our family friend who was written about in the Las Vegas Sun, Work is there for people who want it.  Read the whole story here, then rethink your positions on Foreign Brides.

Attack ME for my positions on stories.  But to attack me as marrying a "Mail Order Bride" and I will call you out.  Those who choose to do that should be ashamed of themselves.  But they never will be, because they are too self righteous and pompous to ever apologize.  They will continue to live a miserable existence, criticizing other for their choices that don't' agree with their narrow view of the world.  As my current boss (a Foreign Bride herself) said, "People be least you're true to yourself."

While they're miserable with themselves, I will be living a happy life with my happy wife and out of the political scene.

As it should be.

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