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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Get the City out of the Railroad business.

*Updated to reflect Thursday's Meeting*

Ain't nobody gonna like what I'm saying.

Get the City out of the railroad business...because Mr Potter doesn't want it run responsibly.  And the City can't afford the liabilities.

The original establishment of the Nevada Northern Railroad historic Railroad Foundation (Whatever the name of it is this week) was to keep it non-political.

Well, since a group of responsible and financially-educated people were elected to the City Council in 2011 and 2013, they started looking at the balance sheet, and found out that the Railroad was certainly not in the rosy picture that it was represented to be by the Chief Engineer and Mr Potter.  In fact the heat was so hot that Mr Potter bought and paid for himself some councilmen.  Too bad one of them doesn't even live in Ely, another has never held any kind of private sector job in their life, and all three committed Ethical Violations in my opinion by failing to disclose that Mr Potter was a campaign donor to them when they reappointed him to what he thinks is the dictator of his personal fiefdom.

Meanwhile the City continues to fund annual audits and other aspects of the Railroad with YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

The City can't afford this luxury anymore.  Hopefully that's what Monday's joint meeting with the two governing bodies of the Railroad -- in essence the City Council and Mr Potters minions.  Read the Agenda Here

And read THIS DOCUMENT very carefully -- the Chief Engineer and Mr Potter are running scared.

Of course, the Kindly Mr Potter wants the city disincorporated so he only has to buy one governing board in the county.  That isn't happening.

Show up at Thursday's meeting and tell the City to find a way to disentangle itself from the Railroad, then sell off that now unusable piece of railroad north of McGill that Harry Reid made useless, and put that money into something that will help the city repair it's roads, sewers, and infrastructure so Ely can drag itself up into the 1990's.

(PS:  There is one person running for County Commission who decided we would forget about his incompetence in the last three years...guess what?  We haven't....and we still have the tape...)

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