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Saturday, July 2, 2016

County Commission puts Hatred of city over Public Safety; City calls County's bluff

The White Pine County Commission hates the City of Ely.  For two years they have called for the disincorporation of the City.  Now, after taking six months of an interim Interlocal Agreement for Fire protection designed to come up with a permanent agreement and letting it expire, the City told it's Fire Department not to respond as a first responder outside the city limits of Ely.  The lack of action by the County have, in effect, put the City in a no-win situation, and at the same time put the people who live south of Ely in jeopardy.

The house organ of the Powers that Be, your Ely Times, published a story that tries to make the City of Ely, who is doing the right thing to protect the City's Volunteers, Employees, and Assets by making this tough decision.  It places ZERO responsibility on the County Commission, of which four of it's members have called for the disincorporation of the City of Ely.  One member, a recent convert to appearing reasonable because he's facing re-election, tried to kick the can past the election to no avail.

Your White Pine County Commissioners have overspent collections by $3.5 million dollars in the last five years. They are NOT responsible stewards of YOUR TAX DOLLARS. Lest we remind you taxpayers that the residents of the County do not pay Ely City Taxes on their property. They CHOSE that. Back when the County was trying to hold up the City on Police protection most of you didn't bitch about that. And let's make it clear. It was the COUNTY that said they don't need the city. So contact your commissioners and bitch at THEM! But four of those goofballs can't make change out of a dollar and make it come out right.

The White Pine County Commission is an embarrassment.

Rather than take any time to consider a more permanent Interlocal Agreement between the County and the City of Ely, the Commission tabled consideration of the agreement, essentially letting the agreement expire. The City responded by saying with no Interlocal agreement, they would not be the first responder to any Fire or Ambulance calls in the County.

Now understand, the County refused to negotiate with the City. The chairman of the County Commission, Gary Pariah -- er, Perea, has repeatedly said that the County doesn't NEED the City. Four of the Five members of the County Commission have called for the Disincorporation of the City of Ely (So they can get their greedy hands on the City's revenues and assets).

And yet, the City is the bad guy??? WTF idiots. Your County Commission doesn't want to do business with the City of Ely...except when they charge them for "Police Protection". (In White Pine County the only protection you have is your Second Amendment rights, no matter how good Dan Watts and his officers are!)

When you get off your collective White Pine County asses and put reformers in office that aren't beholding to the Big Banker and the other Special Interests, THEN you'll see changes.

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