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Monday, May 22, 2023

What would you put up with?

 The Government restricts you to 5 gallons of gas per week.

The Government limits what food you can buy.

The Government won’t allow you to buy a new car or new tires.

Many items you can’t get without a Government permit.


Sound like a socialist society? Nope.


That’s what Americans put up with to win World War II. I doubt we could do it today


Not because of the spoiled elitists who are BETTER THAN YOU. Not because of the leftists who will proclaim that it injures their ability to live their lives.


The biggest threat America faces is from many on the Right. Those who fought the attempt at defending against the chemical warfare that came from Wuhan China.


Within the first 90 days, before we really knew what we were dealing with, these far-right-wingers were claiming it was a government attempt at suppression of rights. We were attacked by China, and these people to this day claim it was an abridgement of our rights.


If these buffoons were around in World War II, they would be claiming that the attempt to conserve supplies to fight the war were an unreasonable breach of their constitutional rights. No doubt they would claim that prosecution of the war was unconstitutional, despite the fact that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.


Now China is preparing for war against America. Russia is as well.


Would you be willing to sacrifice should one of these evil national communist governments decide to flip the switch? Or if the Nuke hits, would you just use it as a background for a TikTok video?


Think about it. 

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