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Sunday, November 19, 2023

The killing of a president - 60 years later.

 Over the years, I've viewed myself as being many things.  Journalist, analyst, historian. Each November, I look back at the coverage of the assassination of President Kennedy, the first killing of a president in the age of electronic media. Thanks to a YouTuber by the name of David Von Pein we have some of that day as viewed and heard on Television and Radio on that fateful day.  

Sixty years later, I marvel at the intellect and dignity that so many newsrooms, even third-tier ABC, displayed in the reporting of the news.  ABC, without what we would call today a "breaking news" set, constructed the set on air and still brought its viewers the story.  

Looking at the huge technological advances of today's time - instant video, instant analysis - I yearn for the journalists of that era.  We owe our nation, our world, so much better. 

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