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Monday, December 18, 2023

Who's going to work there?

So special interests got their way at last week's Ely City Council meeting and Slot Parlors are now legal in Ely.  Yes, you have to have a restaurant and bar, but this slap in the face of people who actually invested in our community by a couple of locals who are better than you will have additional unintended consequences.  In a community that continues to lose population year after year, who’s going to work there?  We just lost another restaurant in Ely with the closing of the Cellblock, EmployNV tells us there are over a hundred jobs available including postal, sheriff's office, and the prison. If we can’t fill those good-paying jobs, how do we propose to fill lower-paying jobs?  Opinions mine, not necessarily those of the station, management, or sponsors...but they ought to be. 

Opposing opinions are welcome. 

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